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Delichon Modern Vanity from Gruppo Atma: Reinterpreting the Traditional

The poetical Delichon vanity from Gruppo Atma has a classic, unruffled elegance that you will appreciate. An antidote for the plain lines of minimalist style, the modern Delichon instead offers delicately framed door panels in either black or white. It sits atop short, but perfectly decorated legs that are covered in flourishes. The nostalgic vanity is easy to translate into a transitional or classic decor theme, but as the photos here also show, it may be modernized by keeping its companions to the neutral color scheme and placing carefully-chosen contemporary pieces to complement the Delichon. Or, play upon its traditional styling by adding candlesticks and gilt! However you choose to interpret the Delichon vanity, it will remain an eye-catching item of bathroom furniture that is certain to transcend trends. From Gruppo Atma.

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