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Decorative Wood Inlays from Legno Veneto – the Kremlin floors by Berti

Berti decorative wood inlays are used in exotic locations around the world to enhance the architecture in these lavish jewels of history. From the Kremlin to Windsor castle these extravagant floors are now available for your home through Legno Veneto. Made with intricate inlay, Berti wood floors are a work of decorative art. With contrasting colours and grains of wood, Berti create a mosaic painting. As pictured above, decorative inlay-ed flooring can add shape or focal points to a room. Subtle effects such as the gradual colour change, which frames the centre medallion in a slightly darker wood, direct the eye. Architectural elements such as the columns or the ‘domed’ medallion centre play with the viewers’ sense of perspective. Finely crafted details such as the blooming roses and the shadows of trees and bushes reveal the high quality and precise construction of the inlay. To bring world class luxury into your home, contact Legno Vento.


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