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Decorating with Grey and Beige: Inviting Interior Design for a Modern Attic Loft

Do you feel what we feel here? The warm decorating power of a grey and beige color scheme… On one very cold morning of 2011, in Prague, A1 Architects completed this warm and inviting interior design for a modern attic loft, as inviting as your warm coffee with milk in the morning. That is – the grey and beige tones of the color of coffee with milk. Many variations of beige are used here – the walnut table, the exposed wood, the ash veneer lighting, the beige tiles, stairs, shelves, rugs; and so of the grey – the plaster walls, sofas and carpets; all reminds us of an inviting morning coffee. The many rounded corners and curved walls add softness. A perfect balance of colors, textures and shapes all around that makes for a great modern loft decorating idea. And btw, that almost transparent net is actually a railing made of thin stainless steel, so it is safe and smooth. And how cool is that staircase that flows right into the built-in library and fireplace? A lot of the items in this loft are custom made to suit the space and all the materials used, such as marble, granite, wood, metal, concrete, give the space its modern but soft feel. Very sophisticated design, indeed.
via Contemporist.



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