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Deck Mounted Pot Filler from Taps and More

tapsandmore deckmount potfiller Deck Mounted Pot Filler from Taps and More
The 1004 pot filler shown here is the result of dilemma that was waiting to happen. Borne out of necessity, the 1004 offers the convenience of installation anywhere in the kitchen. The most obvious use being the kitchen island. We’re seeing more chefs in the kitchen with multiple workstations now. The island is the center of the kitchen. The concept of having a range on the island and a pot filler across the room is just not practical. The 1004 pot filler will bring the water to where you need it. The solid stainless construction and a reach of over 19” will make it one of the most useful tools in the kitchen. Lastly, Taps and More offers its pot fillers in 2 metal finishes with 3 handle options. Taps and More.
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