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Decadent Frame Chair by Slokoski

decadent frame chair by slokoski 1 thumb 630x888 18215 Decadent Frame Chair by Slokoski

The decadently delicious Frame Chair sits somewhere between furniture and art, and you’ll know what we mean with one look. The lush, plush seat is extravagantly upholstered in velvet and surrounded by an elaborate frame that’s fitting of any masterpiece. And the seat itself doesn’t disappoint as the focal point, with buttoned cushions, walls and ceiling that wrap you in total comfort. The massive frame sits on heavy-duty caster wheels complete with brakes, making it easy to move from room to room. Choose from one-, two- and three-seat designs, or don’t choose at all and just get them all! Available in grey or a regal purple color, this sweet seat is worthy of royalty. Check it out at Slokoski.
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decadent frame chair by slokoski 2 thumb 630x888 18217 Decadent Frame Chair by Slokoski



6 thoughts on “Decadent Frame Chair by Slokoski

  1. I’m interested in purchasing the silver and purple frame chair for my salon. How much is it, and how do I purchase?

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