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Daybed Nook for a Compact City House

daybed nook for compact city house 1 thumb 630xauto 31942 Daybed Nook for a Compact City House

This project represents the alteration and addition of a terrace city house in Carlton, Australia. The brief presented by the owners to 4-Site Architecture called for, among other spaces, a new living room. Surprisingly for such a small and narrow place, not only did the architects manage to create all these spaces, but there is also a lot of light and storage throughout the house. The living room juts out into the rear garden, creating a narrow but light-filled corner with a daybed nook that combines seating and storage at the bottom. This daybed seems to continue outside into the garden with a wide concrete window sill that creates a sheltered bench. The storage structure of the daybed continues on the left wall with full height storage cabinets and then integrates one side of the kitchen counter. The backsplash of the kitchen counter, in small white vintage rectangular tile also forms the backrest of the daybed. The coldness of the tile is balanced by the presence of many colorful fabric cushions. The backrest of the other side of the nook is against a large corner window, making it the perfect spot for reading in natural daylight. The built-in custom day bed with its black fabric cover takes advantage of every inch available. It also provides a place for sitting, lying down and storage for small objects.

daybed nook for compact city house 2 thumb 630xauto 31944 Daybed Nook for a Compact City House

There’s something unconventional about this nook, that invites to complete relaxation and day-dreaming. The colorful cushions with geometric patterns enhance this “peace & love” atmosphere.


The nook is part of a bigger built-in functional structure, however it has a very strong identity. It is the main focal point of the living room.




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