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Luxury Retreat in Rural Colorado makes a Modern Statement – Logjam House

This rural retreat-turned-residence set in a treed Colorado grove is as much about nature and its surroundings as it is about a cool concept for a home. Dubbed the Logjam House and located at the remote northeastern end of the Rio Blanco River Basin, this modern home is surrounded by mountain peaks and alpine growth that make their way inside via the expansive picture windows making up much of this home’s facade. The unique “block” style of building balances various spatial volumes which overhang, extend and retreat from the main form, creating an architecturally interesting profile. Along the home’s southern and eastern faces, thoughtfully planned outdoor living areas follow the natural path of the sun. Inside, the kitchen, dining room and living areas are linear and open to one another and to above, overlooked by an upper-level loft space housing a guest bathroom and a work studio. The interior style is defined by the rural appeal of this house. Overhead, uncut logs stretch from wall to wall, displaying every crack and knot. Interior finishes include wood and stone, lit via the many windows encircling the home. Antoine Predock Architect in association with Jon Anderson Architect.



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