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Cyclone Gas Fireplace by Heat & Glo

Historically the centre of any home was its fire. For generations we have been mesmerised and romanced by its warm flicker and dance. Heat & Glo aim to bring fire back as key decorative element, but in a new awe inspiring way. In the Cyclone Gas Fireplace there is a single breath-taking tower of magically spinning flame constrained in a simple glass cylinder. The sheer elegance and enchanting effect are captivating. The Cyclone Gas Fire is modern and refined, lifting the traditional fireplace into the realm of fine art. Emitting only 15,000 BTUs, the Cyclone Gas Fire is comfortable even in small spaces. Available as either the Cyclone System or a Cyclone Custom kit, the Cyclone Gas Fireplace offers an unlimited range of possibilities. The Cyclone System comes as a preassembled surround in either a brushed copper or brushed nickel finish; while the Custom kit allows a 360 degree view of the fire; both systems are easy to use by remote control. The Cyclone Gas Fireplace is available from $7999 from any Heat & Glo dealer.


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