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Creative Leather Sofa Design by Moroso – Doodle couch

More than a leather sofa, Doodle, designed by Front for Moroso, is like a creative map you can sit on. Of course, the shape is especially striking. Pulled flat, it’s actually a circular form, which then got folded and tucked into a shape that is appropriate for sitting. Simple genius, if you ask me. But the most special thing about Doodle is that it was inspired by the act/art of doodling – something most of us do absentmindedly. The Swedish design studio, Front, used actual doodles that were created by the team during design meetings. These absentminded drawings are what make up the pattern you see on this stylish leather couch. In a sense, it captures part of the creative mind and its subconscious process. How interesting is that? Learn more at Moroso.



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