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Creating Personality Within a White Apartment

creating personality within white apartment 1 headboard thumb 630x629 28101 Creating Personality Within a White Apartment

Sometimes it’s the little things that can bring an apartment to life. For example this traditional head board of tufted velvet contained within an ornate wood frame has been given a facelift by simply painting out the wood into a crisp white and then for a little bit of whimsical humor, two word bubbles have been painted with blackboard paint, written on with chalk and then hung above the bed. Imagine how different the decor would look if the Headboard frame was still a dark stain and the word bubbles where replaced with a traditional landscape painting. Two simple changes – 1 completely different look.

creating personality within white apartment 2 bedroom thumb 630x866 28103 Creating Personality Within a White Apartment

The white on white color scheme of this bedroom is kept alive with the dark exposed wood ceiling, the green velvet headboard, the word bubbles and the brass dress form. The little touches of brass, velvet and chalkboard keep the room uncluttered while at the same time filling it with personality and life.


The white color scheme continues throughout this apartment by way of white washed oak plank flooring, white trim, paint, furniture and cabinetry. Tiny touches of individuality are all that is required to express the homeowner’s love of life. Here a mirror is wrapped in an ornate and gilded frame to bring not only glitz and glamor to the space but also texture and color.


The gilded mirror plays off of the ledgestone colors and textures within the backsplash to create a color story of simplicity and warmth that is further enhanced by the heavy beam work on the ceiling. The beam work is kept from being oppressive by the whitewashing of the rest of the space.


The lighting within the kitchen creates an interesting glow both around the backsplash and below the bar. Even the sconce on the wall creates a bright splash against the wall. This clever use of lighting increases the depth perception of the room by creating highlights and shadows as a detail effect against the flat panels of the room.


A simple clear vase on the bar can be filled with any color flower to add in a pop. For now, that color is still white.


The living room continues the ledgestone shades of the backsplash with the introduction of pillows in a bronze shade. An additional color within this space is introduced via the matte black doorway to the deck. This black of the door is repeated withing the black and white artwork on the wall.


The deck breaks away from the all white scheme to introduce the colors of nature. A wallpaper in a soft cloud and sky pattern creates a backdrop to a cloud and rain mobile for a whimsical moment of movement and within the wallpaper itself is a simple phrase that says it all -; the “Sky is the limit – into the great wide open – “. Adding to the atmosphere of movement, color and fantasy are the two lavender plants with their aromatic releases when touched.


Overlooking the deck is the foyer. Here black was the color chosen to contrast with the white. This was a default choice due to the black trim around the deck window and door, but was added upon with the small plant pots and the stool. Against the bright light of the window, even the plants appear black.


While the foyer leads both to the deck and to the social zone, it is also just around the corner fro the office.


Looking to the office from the kitchen, the only color appears to be from a backlit framed panel with a vertical row of geometric shapes.


Upon entering the office the geometric shapes within the back lit panel are complimented by a selection of font art in various colors positioned within the office shelving. Small groupings of books add to the color story but the desk area itself is kept clear of color – and clutter.


Clean and uncluttered, the office is the perfect quiet retreat to catch up on paperwork.


Even the bathroom is clean and uncluttered. Two font pieces rest against the bath edge, but other then that the only drama is introduced via the lighting.


The ensuite leaves the font art behind in favour of another word bubble. The choice of “Hot” as the featured word is a fun reflection of what most of us say when we enter the shower for the first time.


The kids room is more colorful then the rest with its bright pops of fuchsia, red, yellow and blue. Even so, all the color is contained within a small play station and the seating with the rest of the room as neutral as the others.


The seating continues the color explosion with the addition of purple and green. By keeping all the colors within the same hue, the room does not appear busy. By keeping all the colors different it is easier to replace a piece as the child outgrows or breaks it.
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