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Cozy Italian Furniture by My Home Collection

Whether curling up in Hug all by yourself or snuggling up with a loved one, the unstructured lines and super fluffy composition, combined with the top of the range leather or fabric upholstery says this chair is for grown ups that like to enjoy life. The casual informal styling of Hug is an invitation to leave etiquette behind without compromising on style. The only difficulty will be trying to choose from the wide array of colours available in both the leathers and fabrics, but once the colour has been picked and the chair in place, all that’s left is to enjoy. Designed by A. Radice and F. Orlandini, the concept was to create a seating experience that was both personal and intense; I would say the designers succeeded big time.

Babele is a bookshelf that pushes the boundaries of containment – literally. While the average bookshelf consists of four sides that frame and contain horizontal shelves and vertical divisions, designer Fabio Bortolani chose to forgo the four sides and purposely extend the width and length of the horizontal shelves in such a way that they push into the room offering a greater presence to the books and accessories that call Babele home. The fluidity created by the duo depth shelves and vertical supports is further enhanced by the edge detail of the shelf backing. The top of the shelf features two profiles between the vertical dividers for a subtle suggestion of movement. Built with open pore lacquered ash wood and available in black or white, the Babele is a creative out of the box bookshelf design.
Knit is a soft and cozy modular design that comes complete with feather filled back and seat cushions. Designer Enrico Cesana is know for designing padded systems so it is no surprise that a sofa designed by him would be an extra comfortable experience, and while Knit is all that, it is also a stylish addition to any decor. Just pick you choice of fabric or leather from the wide array of colours and Knit will be ready to up the design anti wherever you place it. Constructed with a wooden frame and covered in non-deformable polyurethane foam with synthetic lining, the covers are removable making it both kid and pet friendly.
Pouffy is a soft modular design complete with belt to synch the form into a customizable stiffness. The linear line created by the black belt adds a geometric layer to the otherwise organic shape of the armchair, sofa or ottoman and the wide array of colour choices within leather or fabric upholstery means Pouffy is a modular seating with versatile style aesthetics. By adding the belt, designer Enrico Cesano has managed to capture a bit of whimsy in Pouffy that makes this seating perfect for the young at heart.
When its time to get comfortable, its time for a little Hug. Hug will literally do just that – hug you with a reassuring embrace as you sink into its fluffy surround. The softness of Hug makes it the perfect foil for hard-edged pieces such as glass or metal and I envision Hug being the piece de resistance within an industrial chic setting. Made with Polystirene, memofill and fiberlatex upholstery, the covers are removable. The size of this uber cozy seat is 120cmWx65cmHx110cmD or 46.8″Wx25.35″Hx42.9″D.
The leather Hug is perfect for a library, media room or sports setting.

A white on white setting works best when the pieces within it use texture and form to create excitement. The white Babele bookshelf applies texture through the items displayed on it and uses form with its creative reinterpretation of vertical and horizontal support sizes. The bookshelf is 11cmWx210cmHx36cmD or 39″Wx81.9″Hx14.04″D and can be used singularly or in multiples.
The modular element to Pouffy means that it can be freely arranged into unlimited compositions, both in silhouette and colour palette. Combining different upholstery within the same seating arrangement adds an additional layer of
graphic design to a seating arrangement that has already upped the anti via its stylish belt. Made with a wooden frame covered in non-deformable polyurethane foam with synthetic lining.
My Home Collection


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