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Cozy Compact Modern Pool Design

This cozy outdoor oasis by Richmond, Australia-based Eckersley Garden Architecture proves that good things really do come in small packages. Ideal for an urban environment where space is at a premium, this compact modern pool design layers urban and organic elements for an eclectic, original look. The focal point in a turquoise-tiled oasis framed in white, and set within a natural wood deck. Tall, swaying grasses line the perimeter of the garden, rising up against a contemporary white wall. Cool, urban-style furnishings bring a modern contrast to the natural outdoors. The whole look is very Zen. Eckersley Garden Architecture embraces freedom and flexibility in its pool designs, working with mosaic tile, glass bead renders, solar and gas heating, saltwater chlorination, freshwater filtration, in a variety of sizes of landscape, lap and plunge pools. Eckersley Garden Architecture.



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