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Cool Modern Home with Hidden Interior Garden

Takeshi Hosaka Architects have devised a truly cool and modern way of incorporating the outdoors into an otherwise traditional home. The Garden House ingeniously and beautifully blends indoor and outdoor living spaces with a two-storey interior courtyard, enclosed within the home’s walls. The architect decidedly made the garden the home’s main focal point, featuring a seating area, a tree and a variety of plantings. Surrounding the space, rooms boast large sliding glass doors that when opened, effectively bring the outdoors in on a whole new level. Apart from its unique inner garden, this modern home boasts all the traditional living spaces, but dresses them with a minimalist elegance that’s echoed in the home’s white, angular facade. Takeshi Hosaka Architects
via Cool Boom
garden house 1 Cool Modern Home with Hidden Interior Garden

garden house 2 Cool Modern Home with Hidden Interior Garden



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