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Contemporary Suburban Cottage Designed for Function and Fashion

A short two-hour drive north of New York City brings you to C-I House. Defined by surrounding nature in its rural Hudson Valley locale, only brimming with New York’s urban luxury and lifestyle, this modern home by Paul Cha Architect is a 2,000-sq.-ft. getaway from the endless go of city life. The design is a simple “box” with a concrete and wood facade. Inside, the stunning interior is built around central “service” areas. The first floor’s service area consists of a storage closet, powder room and kitchen – making function easily accessible – while not too far off is a luxurious living room and dining room encased in floor-to-ceiling glass with panoramic views opening onto the sundeck. A two-storey atrium joins the main floor with the private second floor, where a guest bath, master bath and master closet make up the upper service area. A hall, notable for its continuous window, leads residents and guests through to the bedrooms and study. The style is evocative of the region’s predominant Shaker style, only with a contemporary twist. Paul Cha Architect.



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