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Contemporary Renovation and Additon to 60’s Bungalow

This project, completed by Christ.Christ Associated Architects in Germany, is a great example of the way we must build today,because of the lack of available lands. This bungalow style house was originally built in the 60’s, and the new owners wanted to adapt it to their needs in terms of space and lifestyle. Thanks to the flat roof, the architects were able to add height to the existing building. In order to respect the initial architecture and also to create various outdoors sports, the addition took the shape of three separate boxed connected among them by an translucent glass corridor. The building became thus a 3-storey one, with the main living floor situated in the middle. At every level of the house we find courtyards, terraces or patios, that could be created thanks to the flatness of the roofs. The main entrance is at the middle level, where the space was bared of all partitions in order to create a big open plan living space. Except of living room, dining room and kitchen, this floor also leaves room for the two children bedrooms and their shared bathroom. The lowest floor contains a bedroom and bathroom and an independent apartment. The top floor boxes have each a specific function: one is the master bedroom with ensuite bathrooms, another one is a home office and the third one serves as walk-in closet and extra room.

The three white boxes make a very creative top floor, and the remaining spaces are also used creativity. For example, the white wall of one of these boxes is used to make projections in the evening.
The living floor is a continuous open plan space. The living room, the kitchen and the dining room are visually connected and the circulation is completely free. From this level fully glazed doors open on a decked terrace and a lawn.
There is an overhead opening in the roof of the terrace which brings sunshine and light to the tree that grows in the middle.
The living room is organized on the two sides of a concrete walls that integrates a fireplace. The kitchen consists of two blocks, one creating a floor to ceiling unit and the other an island. The kitchen units are white and perfectly integrated with the white of the walls, ceiling and staircase.
From the kitchen level and going up to the top, the white open staircase spirals slightly, creating a sculptural image that becomes the focal point of the room.
The top floor boxes are glazed on two or three sides. The use of triple glazing insures a very high level of insulation.
The master bathroom has full height mirrored cabinets on one side, with a simple double washbasin. On the other side there is a recessed bathtub and a walk in glass shower. The glass door slides to protect either the shower or the bathtub, depending on the usage.


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