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Contemporary Radiators for the House by Irsap

A perfect partnership of lines and curves makes the Medusa and Curval contemporary radiators for the house by Irsap something really out of the ordinary. Their ‘wall art’ status and welcoming heat ensures these radiators add the finishing touch for any room in the house. The Medusa radiator is characterised by a circle on an impressive size, filled with gently waving, intersecting lines. Designed by architect Luigi Molinis, this slim steel radiator is ‘made to live sinuously in space’. Another modern radiator for a contemporary house, the Curval, uses geometric design in quite a different way. This rectangular panel radiator features undulating waves and comes in four sizes to suit you. It’s a composite structure, completed with chic polymer panels in Metallic Aluminium Grey. Designed by Marcello Maniscalchi and Jessica Chon. For more information, contact Irsap.



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