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Via Sauvagia is a residential development project of contemporary mountain condominium chalets nestled along gentle slopes. The result of a collaboration between architect Pierre Thibault and Labrie Daigle Design Studio, the model chalet is contemporary on the outside and on the inside. There is no concession made to rustic nostalgia of mountain living. These chalets are built to offer a new, contemporary mountain architecture and lifestyle. The materials are wood, glass and metal. The proportion between wood and glass seems equal, while black metal has mostly a structural and load-bearing role, though it blends in aesthetically as well. Quite surprising for a mountain construction that needs to face heavy snow, the chalet has a flat roof- just another way of braking with the tradition of steeper mountain roofs. The glazed and wood-clad facades alternate: on the bottom floor the left side of the building is glazed and the right one is wood clad, whereas on the top floor it is the opposite.This way the sunshine is caught at every moment of the day, from dusk until dawn. On the slope, the snow seems to want to push its way inside through the glass walls.

The kitchen is one of the main areas of the house, as it receives a very generous surface and a lot of attention is paid to its design and function. The wall unit is very functional with a lot of storage compartments all the way from the floor to the ceiling. The island serves as working space on one side and as breakfast counter on the other.
The dining area, with a massive black-stained wooden table, makes a smooth transition from the kitchen to the living room in the open plan space.
Behind sliding doors, the bedrooms are simple and cozy with wooden framed beds and textile/fur accents.
At the entrance, a minimalistic design console serves as vide-poches.
The bathrooms have generous sizes that allow to fit in both a bathtub and a big shower cabin.


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