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Contemporary House with History in UK – Modern Redesign by architect Sutherland Hussey

With history, geography and the environment prevailing in this outstanding design, there’s much to be learned from the unique Yan contemporary house by architect Sutherland Hussey. Originally built in 1903 in the UK’s Lake District, the redesign and renovation of Grizedale Hall is a £4-million project that all started with a competition held by the Forestry Commission – the owner of the property. Hussey’s rustic yet rich design won the bid for the new structure set amid 2400ha of publicly accessible land, dotted with forest and surrounded by winding hiking and biking trails. At the heart of Grizedale Forest sits this luxurious stone and wood structure with a face of windows that welcomes the natural views. On either side, two volumes extend on either side of the large glazed facade. The structure abuts a terrace where the original building stood a century ago. A distinguishing flat-topped roof takes a steep upward turn midway, adding a contemporary twist to the traditional building. The project is said to be completed in early 2009. Sutherland Hussey Architects.



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