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Contemporary Home Theater collection from DDC

DDC bring you the ultimate in home luxuries with their contemporary Home Theater collection. Why brave the cold, snow and rain when you can watch your films in decadent comfort. Designed by Norberto Delfinetti, the Step Wall Unit, a part of this contemporary theater, gives the prefect background to your favourite films. The large back panels offer a plain canvas on which to present your flat screen television. The back panels have optional lighting which accents the dark wall making it a bold focal point in the room. The Step Wall Unit also includes shelves and drawers in which to store your DVDs, conveniently to hand, but without disturbing the clean lines of your contemporary home decor. Free from distractions the Step Wall Unit allows you to watch your film without interruption. Available in a range of colours, the modular system adapts to any room offering the perfect set up for everyone. Now that you have the home theater in place, it’s time to curl up, and the DS-220 recliner offers comfort in futuristic style. The tall back and angled headrest give you comfortable support as you lean back and relax. The inset footrest extends on robotic like legs to truly let you stretch out. Available as either an electric or manual adjustable control the DS-220 recliner is upholstered in leather, synthetic suede or fabric, in a variety of colours. With the Step Wall Unit and the DS-220 recliner, DDC bring comfort and style to the modern home theater system. As each piece is customised the Step System ranges between $14,830 and $20,000 while prices for the DS-220 range from $4,690 to $9,690.


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