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Modern Fireplace – Gaia from Arkiane – a decorative fireplace for every modern home

Gaia modern fireplace is a lush and curvy creation by Arkiane. Named after the goddess Gaia, mother of earth and life, the Gaia fireplace will keep you warm and become the centre of your home. The unique curved front gives a 180 degree view of the roaring fire, combined with its compact size; this ensures it is compatible with any modern space. The front pane of glass acts as a door and can be easily opened or closed to appreciate the fire in comfort. It is even easy to clean and maintain by opening the side panels. The wonderful curves add a sensuality and softness, while the fire adds a cosy warmth and visual spectacle. Available with the gas kit as an option, Arkiane‘s Gaia Fireplace is a rich addition to any home, while being distinctive and modern.


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