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Contemporary Comfort in the City Center – EggO House

The contemporary EggO House in Prague, Czech Republic, was actually designed to limit views of (and from) its exterior environment. As a way of coping with the surrounding developments that would not only compromise this home’s privacy, but would also spoil the view, A69 Architects designed an inventive extension to the existing house that would become an “EggO”-centric solution to the problem of prying eyes. The EggO House is a 2,300-sq.-ft. single-storey den of luxury built surrounding its own circular courtyard. The concrete-slab design creates a level horizon, with interiors that face one another by virtue of their curved, floor-to-ceiling windows that open onto the central garden. Inside, a large entrance hall leads you through the home’s various zones, each designed a little differently to accommodate either privacy, intimacy or social calls. A69 Architects
via Dwell



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