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Modern Bathroom by Carmenta – new wood bathroom collections

Carmenta, an Italian luxury modern bathroom furniture manufacturer has introduced a number of new bathroom collections. Carmenta is well known for their innovative use of exotic wood in their modern bathroom products which gives them a distinct signature. One of the novelties is this stunning wooden bathroom collection which features a timeless harmony of minimalist design and richness and liveliness of wood. Incorporating wood in various unconventional places, such as the sink, the extra-size luxurious shower cabin, vanity combo unit with a built in TV and a luxurious bench, to give the whole collection a warm and luxury feel while preserving the minimalist style, the designers at Carmenta created another modern bathroom collection you simply must love from the moment you lay your eyes on it. Carmenta
Via Wow Bathrooms
Also from Carmenta: steam cabin Oasis with wooden teak shower enclosures and Oasis teak bathtub



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