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Colorful Huichol Rug by Elissa Medina

colorful huichol rug by elissa medina 1 thumb 630x410 24490 Colorful Huichol Rug by Elissa Medina

This vibrant, colorful rug by Elissa Medina is inspired by the Huichol Indians of the Sierra Madres in western central Mexico. Their psychedelic colors and symbols are prominent in this 100% felt rug, made in Mexico by hand. And it takes over 80 hours to complete the fine stitching required in this remarkable piece, designed to mimic an animal skin. This Mexico City artist captures the essence of the country’s Folk Art style in this departure from her well-known sculptural works. And at the same time she honors the past, she nods to the future with her pixelated patterns. Introduced at the Abierto Mexicano de Deseno 2013 (Mexican Open Design), it looks great hanging on the wall – it’s art, really. But you can also use this as intended, on the floor – it’s 100% waterproof and fire retardant. It’s made to your own color palette so you can match it with existing color schemes. Which color range would you choose? Warm reds and yellows or cool blues? Or something totally different?

colorful huichol rug by elissa medina 2 thumb 630x419 24492 Colorful Huichol Rug by Elissa Medina

The Huichol figure (left) is created by pressing tiny seed beads into beeswax on a wooden figure.


This rug is custom made in the colors you choose.


More information: Elissa Medina



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