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Classic Country Ideas You’ll Love To Incorporate This Holiday Season

Whether you live in the country or you tend to visit often then you know there is nothing quite as magical as Christmas in the country. The country tends to bring something cozy and special during the holiday season. With that in mind, we wanted to take a closer look at classic country decorating ideas that brighten the holidays with hints and bits of magic. The following ideas are sure to inspire you to bring a bit of country Christmas to every area of your home.

Showcase Seasonal Foliage

When working with foliage make sure to add color! It’s so important to work with color as it will help bring that hint of uniqueness in a simplistic manner.

Seasonal foliage is a top favorite as it truly does create a natural feel while still being whimsical and festive. Take your dining table to the next level by having a wood table setting and adding seasonal foliage to the décor. Not only will this bring a focus to your dining table, but it will appear put together and festive. Add rich berry tones to hints of color right where you need it.

Fall in Love with Your Dresser

Whether you want to showcase your Christmas decor or you simply want to have a fun display, dressing up your dresser is the perfect way to create a direct focus to the room.

If you have a large dresser as part of your dining room, or kitchen you might not really know what to do with it. Let’s face it large dressers are not that “IN” but they sure are great décor additions. Think about it like this, a dresser gives you additional room to add to your décor. The key is to build it up and decorate it in a bold manner, by adding numerous holiday décor inside and around it.

Focus on the Fireplace

Adding bold accents to your fireplace will bring the space together while adding a festive touch. Use colorful bits and garland for the perfect contrast.

Who doesn’t love sitting in front of the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate and eating smores? Well, if you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace its time to focus on it and embrace every last bit of it. Decorate your fireplace mantel and the walls around and behind your fireplace to bring a unified look that is country yet chic. You also want to add your Christmas tree in that specific area as well.

Two words- Red Velvet

Whether its an accent table, chair or even a smaller sofa having a red velvet element will bring a warming cozy effect to the room that is unbeatable.

Bring in a red velvet sofa or accent chair or even tidbits that have a red velvet finish for the ultimate holiday touch that also adds to your overall décor. Keep in mind, red is a gorgeous color nonetheless, so it only makes sense to add it and fall in love with your décor.


Keep your table fresh and light with an informal appeal, simply add decorative pieces that help the home feel larger and more put together yet festive.

One of the latest trends when it comes to dining is- informality. We no longer are seeing formal seating and chairs, now we are focusing on having an informal space that brings people together and allows them to feel relaxed while enjoying a meal. The best way to do this is to take a picnic table and add all the holiday décor you possibly can! The idea is to have your table relaxed yet well decorated and chic.

Plaids on Plaid

Nothing screams classic country quite like plaid, there’s just something so crisp and beautiful about the pattern that feels timeless and classic.

Plaid is a country classic and will continue to be one; therefore, it only made sense for us to incorporate it. Add a plaid pillow, a plaid throw pillow, or even a simple blanket for that stark touch that is still chic and country but can be removed whenever you want.


Why have one lantern when you can have multiple ones! This works exceptionally well when you want to create a whimsical feel without taking away from what you already have.

Believe us when we say this ‘Lanterns belong inside and outside.’ While it took us a bit of time to realize this, there is no going back! Lanterns not only brighten a dark room, but they add character right where you need it. Think of them as the pair of shoes you didn’t think you needed but once you have then on you refuse to take them off for any reason.

Bring on a Real Tree

A natural tree works excellent in any space, just remember to water it as you would a traditional plant and your tree will live a long happy life.

While we all love a faux tree that can easily be put up and need little to no maintenance, there is something gorgeous and rich about having a real tree. Real trees are a bit more work but they’re well worth it. Not only will your home smell like pine all the time, but you will have rich green hues that are indescribable.

Rustic Meets Industrial

An industrial touch brings beauty while being quite unique and even fun. The key is having a beautiful display that is different in a subtle way.

Yes, we said it bring a touch of industrial to create a unique overall appeal. Industrial décor is not only different but it’s a way of having a unique touch that makes the home feel festive yet minimal. The key is adding metal hints right where the space seems to be a bit too simple.

Bring on the Glow

Light your fireplace and add candles to surround the area and further focus on a romantic, cozy feel.

We love a glow regardless of how you achieve the glow we love every hint of it. Add a blend of candles for the perfect contrast between what you have already and what you are adding. Or you might even want to add a chandelier or unique light fixture for a completed look.

Classic country décor is one of a kind and oh so traditional. Share with us your take on it in the comments below.


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