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City home with bold exterior and outdoor dining room

German architects archequipe created this cool house in a popular pocket of Cologne with a bold exterior and bright, airy interiors, along with a few unexpected elements that are hard to come by in a city center, like the outdoor dining room. Surrounded by townhouses, this urban house plan came to life in 1982 as two townhomes that certainly stand out from the rest. The modern, minimalist exterior is spiced up with an interesting shape and punctuated with lots of windows that flood interiors with natural light and framing different snapshots of city life.

city home with bold exterior and outdoor dining room 1 thumb 630x411 15208 City home with bold exterior and outdoor dining room

city home with bold exterior and outdoor dining room 2 thumb 630x411 15210 City home with bold exterior and outdoor dining room

Before being built, the site of this narrow lot house design was used as a vegetable garden – an element that has been transformed into a lovely alfresco living and outdoor entertaining areas that are surely the go-to when you aim to impress your guests.


Behind the fence that separates public and private property, a manicured garden is a hidden gem.


Haus KLR makes a strong impression on first view, featuring this complex geometric facade which looks like a puzzle; a shattered and shifted volume. The architect really played with shape, and the contrast between light and shadow, which add interest to this all-white structure. Lots of windows are like accessories dressing up the simple facade.


An entrance nook offers privacy and shelter on entry and exit, not to mention a highlighted area when viewed from a distance. C’mon in and check it out!


But before you head inside, here’s a sweet spot you’ll want to see first. An alfresco dining and outdoor entertaining area extends living areas beyond the home’s walls. A long dining table is encircled by a dozen chairs (of course, all in white!), await a great spread and some lively company. The space is topped by a leafy frame extending overhead.


We love the contrast between the crisp white walls and contemporary white “dining room” furniture, against the gently worn cobblestone style floor.


But that’s not all you’ll find out here. Just around the corner beyond the dining nook, a pond provides a serene focal point to a private sitting area. Mosaic tile floors suit the outdoors but bring a bit of elegance. You have to believe it to see it – a secret escape right in the city!


Much like the outside of the house, minimalist interiors boast a white backdrop dotted with windows that frame lush green views.


It’s like a timeless black and white photo…
Floor plans:


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