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Circular Patio Umbrella by Umbrosa – unusual Eclipse

With press stories everywhere about the negative effects of too much sun on the skin, the Circular Patio Umbrella by Umbrosa is sure to be welcomed. An unusual freestanding piece of patio furniture, the Eclipse umbrella has a moon-like circular appearance due to the large disc at its head, which provides ample shade for anyone sitting under it. It comes with a base and supporting pole, altogether reaching 300cm in height, though it is height adjustable. The shade structure moves around a full 360 degrees, while the shade itself can be removed and stored separately when not in use. The Eclipse collection comes in three versions: Premium, Limited Edition and Shadow, all of which offer a degree of protection against the sun’s rays – in fact the Premium model prevents up to 97% of UV rays from reaching the skin. Each part of the collection is available in a variety of colors, including Premium in red, terra or taupe; Limited Edition in lagoon, olive or orange; and Shadow in nero, alba (grayish white) or stone grey. Materials vary depending on the version: Shadow is made from PVC, Limited Edition is in acrylic and Premium is fabricated from 100% Olefin, a manmade fiber. All can be handwashed at 40 degrees. To find out more these circular umbrellas visit Umbrosa.



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