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Easy Christmas Centerpieces For All Decorating Styles

Let’s face it entertaining for the holidays is all about the décor, the food you make, and the people that you love all coming together for a beautiful blend of personalities, textures, and festivities. Keeping that in mind is why we have decided to share how to create easy Christmas centerpieces so that you can spend more time enjoying your family and friends and less time worrying about your décor.

Gift Box Centerpiece

When using gift boxes as part of your decor, you might want to stack them up one on top of the other for a more unified simplistic look.

You read that correctly! Why not use your unused gift boxes and using them as part of your centerpieces? Gift boxes are excellent ways of bringing an interesting touch without taking away from your décor, mount them one on top of the other, or even lay them out for a beautiful fun display, you might want to wrap them to create curiosity among your guests.

Tiny Christmas Trees

Tiny trees are wonderful additional decorative bits, that can be added to other Christmas centerpieces you already have going on.

If you have read any of our recent posts then you know how much we love tiny Christmas trees, they’re beautiful, fun and chic. Therefore, it only made sense for us to love the idea of using them as part of a centerpiece. The key is using multiple different size tiny trees and having them make a big splash anywhere they’re placed.

Classic Metallics

Metallics come in multiple colors; therefore, it allows you to choose a metal that you enjoy and elaborate on your color scheme without hesitation.

When in doubt, go for a metallic touch. Metallics are quite beautiful this time a year plus let’s not forget they have been extremely on trend for 2018. Add decorative bits in metallic hues and let them become the main focus of the table. If you can’t find any decorative metallic bits add a metallic plate and let that sign on its very own.

Bring on the Charm

Its rustic, it’s wintery and it’s farmhouse-esque what more could anyone want? There’s something so sweet and chic about farmhouse appeal that it makes any room come to life.

Who doesn’t love a bit of charm in their décor? We, on one hand, love the idea of having a rustic touch that instantly feels warm and cozy with a hint of charm. There is something quite appealing about using natural bits that feel as if they belong outdoors but somehow appeal beautifully intact indoors.

Don’t Forget the Greens

Green brings a fresh feel to any area that it is placed and that includes your christmas centerpiece. Add it in bulk for a whimsical touch.

Though most of us enjoy Christmas time due to its bold shades of red, green is the perfect additive color. It comes to life when it is paired with others and it makes a beautiful tone to have as the main purpose of the room. Additionally, let’s not forget green is quite versatile and comes in multiple different hues.

Did anyone say Glass?

Glass ornaments are great for added texture and color, while still providing beauty and a unique touch that brightens the room seamlessly.

Yes! We did. Oh, how beautiful can glass bits be? This can be done with ornaments! Which is the best aspect of it. Take your table to the next level by displaying your favorite frosted Christmas tree ornaments with hints of glitter for the perfect glass effect.

Keep it Simple

When you want to keep it simple, consider taking your surroundings as part of your decor and making a grand statement throughout the entire room.

Even though we all love an extravagant centerpiece we also love simple, feminine and chic pieces as well. Keeping it simple, will allow your table to feel put together without all of the extra bits a bold decorative centerpiece has to offer. We love this idea as it will bring something new to your space.

Bring on the Candles

Add candles of multiple different sizes to bring a diverse touch to your decor, you might even want to consider adding candle holders to give your decor an elegant touch.

Embrace the glow and the warmth that candles bring by infusing them into your décor. This works exceptionally well when you want to bring a hint of cozy without taking away from your décor, bringing candles into your décor will create an illuminating touch that is indescribable.

Full on Festive

What is more festive than a Christmas tree? We think nothing so why not add a fun tree to your table? We love the idea of going extra with your decor and creating a beautiful contrast.

Take your décor up a notch by going full-on festive with your décor. The key is using traditional hues and making them the focal point of your table. Use textures and patterns that scream Christmas for the ultimate centerpiece décor.

Mercury Glass

Mercury glass is perfect when you want to add texture and appeal in the most seamless manner.

Mercury glass is everything and above, it’s just gorgeous and glamorous when it is displayed for the holidays. It works exceptionally well when it is paired with simple colors such as nudes and or even other metallic bits.

How are your centerpieces looking this year? Share with us your idea below.


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