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Cave House is More Than a Name for This One

Cave House in Cordoba, Spain isn’t just a home with a quirky name. Designed by UMMO Estudio, it really is part cave part modern house with an open layout, bright kitchen, and beautiful bathroom.

Masterfully built into the foothills of Sierra Morena, the white plaster home has plenty to show and boast. Its naturally uneven front lawn deserves a special note, providing residents with spacious outdoor lounge area.

Cave House
The house has plenty of greenery around

With multiple accesses indoors, the house combines all the areas into one airy, free-flowing layout. A canopy bed stands just right there almost next to a living room sectional.

A platform kitchen takes advantage of the interior architecture and furnishings to stand separate from the rest of the house. The bathroom is also discreetly placed between rock and plaster.

Polished concrete does a beautiful job serving as a mediator between pristine white walls and irregular sandy rock.

There is little words can do to describe the natural beauty of cave rock formation, so scroll on to see how it all turned out. (Photography by David Vico)

Cave House in Cordoba, Spain is More Than a Name

White plaster house architecture looks spotless next to discolored rock
UMMO Estudio
Cave elements stand out beautifully against stark white
Narrow entries render the space intimate in spite of the open plan
Natural rock ceiling is as unique as it can get
Open living area surrounded by natural stone formations
Canopy bed with complementary furniture made of natural wood
Concrete floors are the logical finish
Natural wood wardrobe comes with an extension
Soft rugs create a more homely atmosphere
Dining area with bench seats
A platform kitchen stands separately from the rest of the public space
A window allows plenty of natural light in lighting up the white kitchen beautifully
Bathroom overlooks the immediate green outdoors
Splintered tiles look fitting next to the natural rock formation



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