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Cascade Shower Head – new Fluide shower by ST Rubinetterie

This cascade shower head by ST Rubinetterie is creative and functional thinking at its best. The new Fluide shower designed by Simone Micheli is inspired by nature, but with an unmistakably modern twist. The authentic cascade waterfall effect is unmatched by traditional shower heads, though they may try! Another unequaled feature is its futuristic look – a polished-steel slot that does away with bulky, intrusive fixtures and replaces them with an aesthetically pleasing two-dimensional panel. When turned on, the look is stunning and serene at once, and when not in use, this shower head all but disappears, making it a great choice for modern minimalist bathrooms. And because it’s made of steel, you can install the Fluide fixture both indoors and out, making it a perfect complement to your outdoor shower, swimming pool or vacation villa. Also comes in chromed brass and brushed nickel, and other colors and finishes are available on request. For more info visit ST Rubinetterie.



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