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Cantilevered House for a Life of Play!

Now, here’s a home that was made for a lifetime of play! Loved by small and big kids alike, this cool cantilevered house enjoys its countryside home here in Kansas City, Missouri, surrounded by nature with many playful features incorporated right into its architecture. Inspired by a tree house, this raised house plan sits among the treetops by virtue of its stilt design. The hillside home boasts a humble exterior that lets nature take center stage, but inside, the fireplace feature is the focal point – a fashionable and functional element that’s used daily during the winter months, which the homeowner made from hand-cut limestone slabs, imperfections on display to offer a bit of added character to the piece. We love the homey aesthetic of the hand-made furnishings and the natural knotty wood floors, surrounded by large windows that let nature peek in at every turn – and residents peek out. Even in the bathroom, a slim vertical window lets the homeowners overlook their lush surroundings as they soak away the cares of the day in the tub. Beneath the cantilevered part of the house, a swing set is arguably the best seat of the house!
via Dwell



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