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Cabinet Hardware Designs by Atlas Homewares – bring on the glam!

Your cabinet hardware is just the “bling” to take your kitchen design from “blah” to “bravo!” As you’d accessorize an outfit, dressing your cabinets with this glam collection of cabinet hardware designs by Atlas Homewares completes the look in your space. The Bollywood Beauties collection of beaded knobs comes in a range of trendy hues that’ll dress up those boring cabinet fronts. Choose from glittering Raspberry, Blue, Green, Aqua, Bronze, Umber and Blank & White, available in sizes small and large and retailing for $8.30 and $9.20, respectively. Or get your glam on with the Tangeres collection of glass knobs and pulls. This luxurious line of statement hardware doesn’t blend into the background! The collection comes in Ruby, Crystal, Emerald and Sapphire, and is finished with dramatic metal detail that turns each piece into an exotic work of art. The Tangeres knobs and pulls retail for $11.50 and $18.20 respectively. For more information visit Atlas Homewares.



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