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Bold Decor Idea: yellow chandelier against black walls and white floors

This modern spa space at the luxurious Viceroy Miami hotel in South Florida is as hot as the weather. A bold blend of black, white and yellow welcomes guests who flock to this hotspot for its sumptuous resort amenities, but who stay for its sleek sense of style. The hotel’s claim to fame is its collection of one-of-a-kind Lasvit lighting sculptures. In the impeccably decorated spa, the piece de resistance is the Chamomilla Chandelier, a collaborative effort between Lasvit and modern designer Philippe Starck. Not to be missed, this daring yellow chandelier installation stands out as much for its brilliant color as for its size. This hand-blown glass chandelier features hand-cut clear and goldenrod facets, and tiny elements that dangle and sparkle like jewels. The color is evocative of candlelight, adding a touch of tradition to this modern light fixture. A bold black feature wall boasts a mirrored fireplace and white shelf details that add interest and complement the cool white marble. Pools cut through the marble floors like streams flowing through a sheet of ice. Additional details are available by visiting Lasvit.



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