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Black Bedrooms With An Alluring Femininity

When you see a black bedroom the last thing you might consider it to be is feminine. However, when done correctly, black bedrooms take on a new life. Whether you want to create a charming contrast, or you want to simply revamp the room, adding black is the way to go. In hopes of inspiring you, we have put together our favorite black bedrooms that ooze feminine allure. It’s all about embracing the room and falling in love with your architecture overall.

Soft Black

Blend in soft shades of black to make the rest of the black hues come to life.

Let’s jump right in and start with a soft black hue. Soft black is great to work with as it isn’t as intense of hue, yet it does pack a punch. The beauty of this is just how convenient the color itself can be. You can blend it with as many color palettes as you would like, while still allowing the soft black shade to make a bold statement. Go the industrial route to ensure you get the most out of the room.

Choose Gray

Never doubt using gray in a black room as it softens the blow in how rich and dark black shades can be.

When in doubt, go for a gray touch. Gray is close enough to black which makes it a top contender when you want to decorate with the hue. The key is working with a blend of gray shades and having them seamlessly blend into your décor. Whether you use all the shades of gray or simply two it is simply up to you. The only keynote is working with blending black back into the décor once you have fallen in love with gray.

Matte Black

Add light fixtures to your darker walls to fully embrace yet lighten the rooms overall appeal while adding overall charm.

Another form of bringing a black twist to your bedroom is by having a matte black display. It’s all about bringing a powerful display that still has a calming effect. There’s almost a mysterious touch that comes from having matte black walls. It’s about making the room come to life yet have that sleek edge. Pair with fluffy bedding for that contrasting touch.


Bring unique hues to ensure the room feels as unique and cohesive as possible.

Create a contrasting approach by having your main element of the room in deep shades of black, while keeping the rest bright and airy. It’s almost as if you are creating a ying-yang touch. Bring in as much contrasting touches as possible, as well as bold hues. You want to add those bright shades that lively up while still adding charm.


Keep it as sleek as possible with your monochromatic touch. Ensure the room feels airy and fresh all at once.

Why stop with your walls, when you can further enhance your décor by adding a monochromatic touch? What this means is you can bring a touch of black and white while still having texture in the room. You want to make the room feel as personal and cohesive as possible. That is where having a monochromatic appeal come into play. It’s about being grandiose yet sleek, all at once.

Completely Unexpected

Blend in lighter hues to truly bring that feminine touch to make the room feel charming even alluring

It’s all about creating the unexpected, even when you are working with such a daring shade like black. To create that unexpected vibe, use shades that normally would never work together and throw them into the room. Doing so will create that luxurious feel without taking away from the room’s authentic architecture. Bring in gem tones, shades that feel pastel or even patterns that are too quirky to work together. That is the vibe this room should give- cool, edgy yet quirky and sleek when putting together.

Color Blocking

Get as color creative with color blocking as possible to make the room feel sleek yet unique.

Why fully-commit to using black in the entire room when you can color block? Color blocking consists of using black and white shades and displaying them throughout the room without going overboard. It’s all about having it seamlessly displayed with a deep color block that feels sleek and even cool.

Play on Prints

The bigger the pattern the better. You want the room to come to life with the pattern you use

Keep it sleek, keep it cool by adding in prints. Having an abundance of patterns works in your favor as it distracts the eye away using only black shades. Whether you use only black and white pattern, it’s up to you. You want to have fun with your pattern touch and ensure the room feels as chic as possible. It’s all about going big with your décor to ensure the best outcome and contrast.

Window Treatment

If you cant do window treatment, consider blacking out the trim for the biggest contrast.

Encasing the surroundings of your windows could just be what your room needs for a modern appeal. It’s all about creating a sleekness that oozes in the room without taking away from it. You can almost feel an edgy touch that comes from having black as the main element of your window space.

Pair with Metallic

The bolder your metallic the better. You want to make the room feel sleek and cohesive all at once.

Metals, metals, and more metals, its all about being as creative as possible while still using bold hues. You don’t want to use too many shades you simply want the metallic ones to make the statement. Adding sleek metallics will ensure the room feels fun and fresh while still being modern. It’s all about bringing that feminine vibe that is sleek and modern with hints of charm.

Whether you like black as a color or you simply want to incorporate it more often these ideas are sure to inspire you. Share with us your ideas below.


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