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Black Bathroom Design Ideas

If you need design ideas for a black bathroom, get inspired by the ones in this Swedish penthouse. When done right black bathrooms have an elegant yet glamorous feel about them, especially when offset by the right amount of white. The interesting thing about the featured bathrooms is the different shapes and textures within the black areas – basically the complete floor to ceiling tiles. Their differences are subtle enough not to create a chaotic feeling but distinguishable enough to give the rooms some depth. Also, they allow a softness to the austerity that can be expected of black. The fittings and accessories are sleek and add to the modern allure of the space. Notice the wall mounted tap! The modern sinks, toilet, vanity and spectacular tub bring in the right amount of white to brighten up the room. The lighting design helps with this as well. The result is a chic yet zen-like atmosphere, which is quite sought after in bathroom design. View the rest of this penthouse, which is for sale at Eklund Stockholm New York.



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