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Bathroom faucets by Mariner – Dream faucet range: “to change the expression of the bathroom”

Incredibly imaginative, the range of bathroom faucets in the Dream Collection by Mariner Rubinetterie seeks to transcend preconceived notions of what precisely a faucet can or should be. Mariner plays with this functional item, so often taken for granted, and makes the simple bathroom faucet something that can strongly influence the mood of the whole bathroom suite and decor. Mariner’s faucets are not merely static, practical objects – they are meant to inspire as interactive pieces of sculpture – all so individual and creative… The Tau (above left) is a faucet with a highly unusual matt black finish, which gives it an intriguing industrial era air. Fast-forwarding to the future, we find the elegant Eau de Mariner (above right). Its strong, smooth semi-circular curve is powerful – but this is tempered with the swirled, milky opalescence of its beautiful material.
The Perle and Perle Special boast chunky, spherical bases that give them the appearance of a little teapot. A glamorous teapot indeed – and a reversed one – the spout of the faucet is what would appear to be its curved handle, with the straight rod-like handle at the other side.
Clearly contemporary, the Ibis is a gleaming bathroom faucet looking ahead to anticipate trends. The Voyager, on the other hand, looks ready to blast into space in order to discover those trends. The position of the soap dispenser is what makes this design so unusual.
A certain cartoon-like sense of proportion characterises the chunky Dyno, an appealingly modern faucet. The Igloo makes one recall the simplicity and clean lines of the Artic: an iconic choice.
The Seve Corian and Seve Legno share the same block-like structure, an exercise in minimalism in white Corian or Wood respectively, accented with chrome. Whichever you choose, you can be confident that the Dream Collection bathroom faucets by Mariner Rubinetterie will take centre stage in your bathroom, allowing you to revel in their unique beauty.


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