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Bamboo chair from Modern Bamboo – the Spring chair

The Spring Chair takes vintage design and eastern materials to create a vibrant new chair for the 21st century. The form harks back to the late 1920s when Marcel Breuer experimented with the fantastic new material, stainless steel. After the First World War stainless steel became widely available, and the strong metal allowed Breuer to create the Cesca cantilevered chair. The new bamboo Spring chair continues the same innovative spirit. Bamboo is an amazingly durable and strong material, which also grows quickly making it an easily renewable resource. The bamboo’s inherent strength allows the Spring a super-thin curvaceous profile and ensures a light weight chair. The sensuous curves shine with dense grain, while the materials flexibility allows a gentle soothing rocking motion. An ergonomic design, the bamboo chair provides great comfort as well as modern classic style. Modern Bamboo offer the Spring chair in Ebony, Natural, and Cherry finishes for $785.



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