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Bamboo Bar Cart from Totally Bamboo – a green design

Environmentally friendly designs need not sacrifice style. The Bamboo Bar Cart uses the rich warm colour of wood to create a movable ‘island’ perfect for parties or versatile kitchens. A perfect way to create space, the Bamboo Bar Cart can accommodate 18 bottles of wine and three rows of hanging stemware. Topped by a solid one and a half inch thick butcher block, this cart can easily switch between being a kitchen prep table or a rustic serving table. Designed to make use of every corner, the cart features two towel rails, four side shelves for tucking away supplies and a utility drawers for hiding bottle openers. Rich vibrant grain brings an elegance and beauty to the practical cart, elevating it to new levels. Created by Totally Bamboo, this bar cart is available for a price of $1,125.


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