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Arched Timber Roof House is an amazing party shack

Located in the Seattle area, this arched timber roof house by architecture firm Schuchart/Dow is characterized by its close connection to the outdoors and an indoor openness that enhances the already-spacious 3,000-sq.-ft. design. Dubbed the Party Shack, this glass, concrete and wood house has an eclectic feel that combines nature and modern architecture into a wonderful, unusual home. A large two-storey space houses the kitchen and main living areas which open onto a vast covered patio outside. The facade is clad in metal, with the vast arched roof above. Inside, this striking double-height ceiling becomes an archway of heavy timber which extends outside to shelter the outdoor deck area, creating a sense of continuity between inside and out. A wooden ramp takes you upstairs to the second-storey loft overlooking the living space below. Yet another thoughtful element – hydronic-coil heated floors and passive cooling via the huge doors and windows – make this en elegant eco house design. Schuchart/Dow
via Digs Digs
photo credits: Steve Keating Photography



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