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Apartment Decorated with Green, Red and Yellow Accents

When House Design Co. undertook the renovation of this small urban apartment in Taiwan, their aim was to transform dark and depressing into a bright, vibrant space that offered a free flow of light and air, while fostering a sense of connection and community. The result is an open concept house plan boasting unusual architectural features like an interior window, which lets light and views spill through unobstructed. Urban houses often suffer from lack of storage and living space, but this apartment has plenty of both, thanks to its thoughtful design. Minimalist interiors are filled with an eclectic collection of styles, materials, colors and textures, which add interest, function and a true sense of style.

A dramatic black entrance makes way for a bright white interior which reflects light – both natural and artificial – in its glossy marble tiles underfoot.
Unusual architectural features add visual interest to these minimalist interiors, like this yellow nook cut into the wall, framing a view of the office area in a vibrant sunny yellow opening.
On the other side of the wall, the study is open to the living room and kitchen combination, separated only by a change in flooring and levels. But it’s enough to visually define each space and give it its own mood within the vast open space.
The open concept house plan boasts a mix of sophisticated, urban and playful. Eclectic, in a word.
A kitchen cabinets on one side and a built-in storage cabinets on the other flank the room in bold color blocking with attractive pops of green, yellow and red – an exclamation point against the largely white backdrop.
The kitchen island is among the only organic elements in this space, which is largely modern, synthetic, saturated with color. The island is executed in wood with a natural finish, featuring a raised pattern which follows the natural line of the grain.
Bright lights dangle tantalizingly above an even brighter dining table – the perfect place to sit and take in the city view just on the other side of the glass.
This eating nook is tucked between exposed brick walls, with a shelf grid gracing the back wall, echoing the endless pattern of the apartment windows through the glass.
A royal purple hallway leads into the home’s castle – the bedroom. The monochromatic palette of purples washes you in a rich, dreamy state of mind.
This sweet retreat nestles the bed beneath a dropped ceiling panel, with integrated lighting that casts a gentle glow. Windows are blacked out for privacy when you want it. Built-in shelving under the windows offer stylish storage with integrated display nooks in, you guessed it, purple!
It’s all in the details…
The green and salmon hued bedrooms are mellowed with lots of natural wood.
Of all these stylish sleeping quarters, this child’s bedroom is definitely the inspired space of them all. This whimsical escape is a patchwork of colors and ideal, inspired by art, nature, youth.
The bathroom has a lot going on, and it all works. The brown tones of the smaller scale shower tiles extend to the large scale marble tiles gracing the bathroom wall, while underfoot the black floor tiles change to natural wood under the bathtub. True to the rest of the home, this space is a patchwork of styles, materials, colors and textures.
Floor plan:
House Design Co.


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