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Alpine Villa Cleverly Uses Hillside to Form a Giant Wood Clad Courtyard

While the main entry to Alps Villa is on the lower side of the site’s slope, Camilo Boticini Architects created a second entry on the 2nd floor that opens up to a sheltered outdoor courtyard. Surrounded on three sides by the structure itself and on the fourth side by the ever-rising hillside, the courtyard provides a quiet – and level – place to enjoy the surrounding landscape.

Alps Villa is approached via a stairwell that follows the lay of the land.
From the front, the home presents a warm wood geostyle aesthetic with walls that splay out from the large expanses of glazings.
While the facade features warm wood hues, the sides of the home have been left untreated and have weathered to a silvery soft patina, allowing the home to blend into its scenic surroundings.
From a distance, Alps Villa could easily be a bare cliff face or a large swath of rock.
Even at night the home disappears into its surroundings – only the glow of lights from within give its location away.
The large expanses of glazings makes the structure disappear from the inside as well. What a location – what a view.
The social zone is flanked by windows on both sides – one side opens to a terrace overlooking the front yard while the other opens up to the courtyard.
The views out front are clearly visible from the courtyard thanks to the two walls of glazings.
The social zone runs the length of the home with the kitchen tucked into the space on the left hand side of the courtyard behind the stairwell.
The stairwell is a beautiful composition of white wrapped in clear balustrades.
The kitchen is one of the few spaces that isn’t wrapped in windows but clerestory windows above the cabinetry help keep it well lit – as do the courtyard windows.
On the right hand side of the courtyard is the master suite.
Once the courtyard tree grows it will provide plenty of shade for both the inside and outside zones.
Camilo Boticini Architects
Photography by Nicholas Galeazzi


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