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Adjustable Human-sized Lamps by Daniel Loves Objects

When we say movable mannequin we immediately imagine a wooden body with exposed articulations that we can bend as we like. Well, in Singapore-based designer Daniel Loves Objects‘ eyes it becomes a completely different thing. This is yet another example of how even the most trivial objects of day to day life can be taken out of their mundane function and given a new artistic dimension. Talking about dimension- physical one this time- the At Your Command lamp is designed in two sizes. Still at the prototype phase, the floor lamp comes in real human size with its 1.7 m tall. The smaller table lamp is only 0.8 m tall, however all other features remain unchanged. The gold-plated cast metal mannequins have put on a hat-like shade and became lamps. The lamps’ every articulation can be moved and bent, exactly like the real models. They can thus take various human positions, like seating, climbing, kneeling or leaning against a wall – their role is to be there and serve our lighting needs. The electrical cord is the only thing that betrays the real function of these human-sized lamps. We could otherwise mistake them for some alien robotic creatures that have come down to Earth to enchant us with their whimsical light!



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