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A Modern Take on the Treehouse

Located in Santa Rosalia in Guatemala City, Corallo House was designed by PAZ Arquitectura to integrate the surroundings. Indeed, this nature-inspired house has all the elements of the great outdoors – concrete, stone, wood, and plenty of glass to let in the leafy views around it. Most notably, this forest home actually has trees growing inside, its interiors designed and built around these permanent and focal fixtures. This home is perfect for this jungle-like setting, both in terms of aesthetics and by design – clearly made to preserve and pay homage to the existing trees dotting the landscape.
A set of stairs leads through the lushly planted landscape, up to the concrete, wood and glass structure perched on the densely forested hillside. The blocky, multi-level house offers many layers of living space, both indoors and out.
Through the multiple glass facades, the architects drew a fine line between man and nature, such that the outdoors make their way in at every turn. Sliding glass doors make way for wood decks that extend to indoors living area wood floors; exposed concrete facades that work their way to form the interior walls; trees that you can literally reach out and touch – heck, climb them if you get the urge! It doesn’t get any more “natural” than this!

But earthy elements aside, this house still manages an artful balance between the raw and the refined, showcasing contemporary features done with flair. We love the kitchen, which blends views of outdoors with ultra-modern touches like stainless steel doors, island and range hood, with white lacquered cabinet faces.
And the outdoors are always just a few steps away…
PAZ Arquitectura
via Archilovers
photo credit: Andres Asturias


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