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19th Century Apartment Gets Contemporized in Kiev

Designers Alena Makagon, Alexandr Ivasiv and Artem Zavarzin take remodeling to a whole new level with their 19th century apartment project in Kiev. Defying age with fresh plaster and contemporary furnishings, it looks every bit as elegant and grand as it probably did more than a century ago.

The creative trio made sure the 19th century style moldings were present in every room from bathroom to nursery. Tough they didn’t hesitate to employ bold and expressive design elements and decor accents to create a strong contrast between styles of different eras.

Glossy black door
House within a home closet in the hallway amplifies space with a mirror

Besides beautiful coverings, the team went with contemporary planning. The main room that combines living and dining area stands separate from the kitchen. A glass divider between them, however, still allows visual communication between the rooms.

Bedroom, divided into areas with erected walls, has a reading nook and a home office. There is a house-like storage structure in the hallway. It’s really not a typical 19th century apartment anymore.

Both bathrooms deserve thorough studying. And the nursery is just a glorious example of how you combine grand with the cute in one room.

Contemporized 19th Century Apartment in Kiev

Some details look almost pop-arty
Dining area
Functional lighting is also surprisingly jewelry-like
A semi-transparent wall separates the kitchen from the living area and dining room
Small bunched up roses are the best tablepieces
Modern lounge chair looks inviting
Devil is in the details
Intricate molding decorates each and every corner of the room
Minimal nightstands complement more elaborate night lamps
An oversized artwork adds to the elegant bedroom
There is a reading corner of the bedroom
There’s nothing quite like a bouquet of fresh cut flowers
A modest home office hides between the erected walls of bedroom
Home office overlooking the neighborhood
Nursery’s molded walls got some special artistic treatment
The rug perfectly matches the colors of the mural
Bathroom feature wall takes the creativity prize
A freestanding tub never ceases to impress
Golden brass pendants decorate the bathroom mirror from either side
Glossy bathroom vanity gives it an elegant touch
Molding patterns give the bath that 19th century look
A square stone sink is as contemporary as it gets



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