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Pocket Shower for Outdoors


For all outdoor adventurers out there, this is the ultimate accessory to own: a pocket shower. If you have experienced the need of proper cleaning in the middle of nowhere and had no other alternatives than wet wipes, you will sure appreciate this invention. When unfolded, the shower turns into a waterproof storage able to hold up to ten litres of water at a time. Any trouble washing properly when outdoors or on a long trip is now history. Of course, if the sun is up and shining, the water can turn warm and the shower will become an even more pleasant experience. It works easily with the use of a nearby tree to hang it from. You just have to get out the incorporated shower head and that’s it. So, next time you venture outdoors, be sure to pack this handy pocket shower.
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8 Mar 2009 | Water Features

Traditional Japanese Stone Basins from Stone Forest - garden basin collection


Stone Forest produces a wide range of Japanese stone basins, perfect to complete the look of any garden. Whether you are looking for a traditional Japanese basin, or are willing to try the Stone Forest's unique designs, you will surely be completely satisfied. Their work is guaranteed by a 16 years tradition in designing this specific range of products. Exceptional results are achieved by using the exact specifications for the traditional basins. Look at the perfect shapes they obtain. Water flowing through these pieces offers a wonderful view while creating a soothing atmosphere. If you wonder how is it that they look so breathtaking, this is the answer: hand carved stone. You only have to choose: a more rustic basin or one of the traditional products available. The arrangement of your garden could also be complete by choosing to custom make your own style of Japanese stone basin, only from Stone Forest.

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2 Mar 2009 | Water Features

Wooden Cedar Hot Tub from SeaOtter WoodWorks - natural wood tubs


This wonderful wooden hot tub was carefully made out of Western Red Cedar wood - beautiful clear grained wood for the ideal natural backyard soak. Coming from SeaOtter WoodWorks, it employs only natural materials. Their natural wooden cedar hot tubs are a quiet, soothing refuge from the increasingly frantic pace of life. The tubs blend perfectly with the natural surroundings, fit nicely on a deck, or can be installed indoors. Each cedar tub is made in Alaska, provides maximum quality guarantee and is complete with cover, electric or gas heater, jets, filter and benches.. Not to mention the price of such a unique tub are way below anything on the spa market right now. As for the shape of the tub, select from round or elliptical. They both come in many sizes. In addition, a simple wood-fired heater is available. Visit SeaOtter WoodWorks website to learn more or call 888-810-7717.



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5 Feb 2009 | Water Features

Water Feature Ideas from Mesa Garden Studio


Looking for interesting water feature ideas? We spotted these unusual water features designed by Mesa Garden Studio. Mesa’s House by the Creek is a picture of elegance and unique design. The deck turns into a modern, contemporary waterfall that drops off into a shallow pool that adds depth to the deck surroundings. The pool is subtle at the top and almost invisible... but when the water drops off the shelf into the bottom pool, it adds a Romanesque feature to the landscaping.


Another water feature idea is Mesa’s ReyRosa raw concrete water trough. The modular and modern shape of the trough adds a contemporary spin to the traditional idea. This is such a unique way of looking at a water trough. Whether it's used solely to collect rain water, or to provide water for animals, the modern concrete water trough deserves praise for the innovative and exaggerated design. For more water feature ideas visit Mesa Garden Studio.

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24 Sep 2008 | Water Features

Eco-friendly Modern Water Features by H20 Designs utilise recycled rainwater


H20 Designs create some of the most unique and modern water features, while being eco-friendly at the same time. This oriental-inspired design of beautiful rich wooden decks and boxed ponds sets the ambiance for utter peace and calm. Let your dreams rule, as you close your eyes and listen to the steady sound of the waterfalls. The amount of greenery and plants add enough to please the eye, yet allows feng shui to rule. H20 Designs use only a minimal amount of water for operation, and utilise recycled rainwater from the environment. A hidden water storage unit is installed to keep water features functioning for extended periods of time without tapping into external water supplies. H20 Designs will create an outdoor experience you didn’t know was possible, while conserving water and keeping the environment top on the list.


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29 Jul 2008 | Water Features

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