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Romantic Garden Design - Family Retreat Idea with Garden Rooms

Encircling a Victorian-era house, this romantically inspired garden design uses plants to build what is clearly an extension of the indoors. Boasting elegance and ease, these outdoor garden rooms take landscape “architecture” to new romantic heights. Richmond, Australia’s Eckersley Garden Architecture leads us through a four-season tour of leafy vines, bushes and trees, while six months of the year, roses can be found in bloom in a walled parterre courtyard. A wood walkway crosses a pond to a solitary seating area enclosed by hedges, which provide privacy as well as a varied collection of fruits and flowers through the seasons. In one part of the garden, deciduous maples are more natural and simple; while native and exotic native plants surround the pond and an al fresco dining area where a weather-proof table and chairs invite an easy-going air for entertaining. Eckersley Garden Architecture.



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2 Jan 2010 | Landscape Designs

Small Outdoor Space Design Ideas by Eckersley Garden Architecture


Richmond, Australia-based Eckersley Garden Architecture designed this modern outdoor space to make the most of every square inch. The home’s small lot demanded an efficient use of space – especially since a pool, garden and sitting area were all part of the design. Lush and fresh, tall flowering grasses fringe the front of the property. The heady fragrance of lilac can be smelled from a distance, welcoming your home while its pale purple blossoms bring and romantic softness to the otherwise modern concrete and glass house. Beyond the main entry it all comes to life – leafy green vines creep down stone walls and a wood fence, drawing attention upward to the eye-level greenery and the open sky above. Colorful pebbled patios abut stone pavers surrounding an L-shaped pool, which maximizes the limited ground area while framing the house and a sunken seating area. Though small, this totally sweet outdoor space design brings together elements of earth, air and water. Eckersley Garden Architecture.


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25 Dec 2009 | Landscape Designs

Granite Fountains from Stone Forest - landscape fountain collection


A granite fountain from Stone Forest is the ultimate accessory to complete the look of any garden. Made of natural stone, namely granite, their hewn exterior gives them a desired contrast. Surprisingly or not, such a rough finish creates an elegant appearance. This effect is achieved by carving the natural stone from a single block. Surely, the inspiration of the craftsman that ultimately decides upon their design has a major influence. But each piece that comes out of his hands is unique, making the process all worth the effort. These granite fountains have simple forms and shapes for maximum visual impact. Minimalistic but at the same time impressive. These qualities makes them suitable to be placed anywhere, and their exterior will always be outlined. For statement pieces such as granite fountains, be sure to check the landscape fountain collection from Stone Forest.

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27 Feb 2009 | Landscape Designs

How To Make Your Landscape Blend In With the Surrounding Nature - an Award Winning Residential Design


Can boundaries that stand between landscape architecture and nature be changed? The two harmoniously blend into a coherent shape which can adjust itself to the surrounding wilderness. This is the concept which was the starting point for the Ketchum Residence landscape design, by Lutsko Associates, winner of the the ASLA 2008 Residential Design Honor Award.
Photo credit: Marion Brenner Photography and Ron Lutsko, Jr.


Located in Wood River Valley, Ketchum, Idaho, the residence is placed on a suburban road, but opens to beautiful, natural fields. Usual projects see the landscape as being part of a distant view from inside the house. The Ketchum Residence considers inserting the natural habitat into the built space. This was achieved by letting native plants and wildflowers grow in between the stepping stones, up until close to the walls.


The weather in the area offers appropriate conditions for the project by having a desert climate. Moderate sun exposure in summer but also good winter vacation conditions. All these generate a complex flora, cleverly linked to the design. The residence integrates the local ecosystem by using pavilions and terraces. Also, it has both a walkway bounded with steel edges and a driveway, for efficient communication with the neighborhood. The indoors and outdoors are linked with paths fit for casual strolls.


The architects opted for the regional color palette both in the materials they have chosen, and also in the selection of plants for the near vicinity. This has the advantage of easy maintenance, reducing the need for exterior upkeep resources. Case in point: stone finishing for the terraces and natural rusted steel to offer appearance similar to the surrounding nature.


The Ketchum Residence offers a simple and convenient solution to approach nature once again. This time around, the focus is on bringing it inside, using simple lines, shapes and materials. By developing this project, Lutsko Associates allow the building not to act as a barrier anymore. It becomes an elegant meeting space designed for human living but with natural elements gently interfering inside of it.


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19 Feb 2009 | Landscape Designs

Dunescape for a fragile sand dune ecology in Long Island, New York


This award-winning dunescape in Long Island is eco-friendly, renewable and a great reminder that we are partners with nature. This Dirtworks, PC Landscape Architecture project took home the Residential Design Award of Honor from the ASLA, for this innovative and captivating sand dune oasis, which reminds us of the fragile ecosystems on our planet.

"The sustainability of this project is quite impressive and the landscape architect is to be commended. The materials and plants are modest, yet powerful in their simple gestures. The wood going into grasses provides useful interplay. The deck is innovative and appears to be dropped into a moving landscape." - 2008 Professional Awards Jury.

An oasis was created in the middle of this sand and rock haven. The beach house is enclosed with numerous private, outdoor living spaces designed for a minimum impact on the surrounding sand dunes. Cedar, a wood that endures without splintering and does not need any treatment, is both durable and eco-friendly, ensuring that no chemicals will leach through the wood, since it is pure. The Cedar is smoothed for the most comfortable surface for little and big toes alike, to walk along the mazes around the house. Lounge chairs are placed amongst the long grasses to provide a quiet and peaceful place to read or catch some rays of sun. A sitting area providing a table and chairs is the perfect spot to catch up with old friends or play a round of cards, while adding a splash of colour with deep blue seating pillows. Because of the native plants surrounding the beach house and decks, minimal care is needed, and it adds to the natural oasis feeling of the dunescape.


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20 Aug 2008 | Landscape Designs

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