Closet Interior Design: Don't Overlook It!


Closets and dressing rooms often get overlooked in interior design. Probably because they're behind closed doors and guests won't go there. Plus we don't spend time in closets, we just go in to get what we need. But there are big benefits to a well designed, organized closet. First off, you can find things easier and are better able to plan your outfit for the day when you can actually see what you have and everything has its place. This actually saves you time and makes the whole process more enjoyable. A well planned closet can even save you money. When you know what you have you don't risk buying something twice, just because it fell behind a pile of something. Plus, well designed closets are a real finishing touch for any interior scheme. It can really enhance your quality of life. Have a look at some inspiring closets and dressing rooms we found, designed by Clos-ette.







Posted on 03-07-2012 00:41 in Dressing Room


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