House Made Almost Entirely from Wood

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Imagined by Aussie studio Breathe Architecture, this house really makes the most out of wood. Not only is it located in the woods, but it is built almost entirely with wood. Here and there we find other materials such as glass for windows, polished concrete for the floors and ceramic tiles in the bathrooms and kitchen. As for wood, its presence is overwhelming. We find it under different forms, in boards, planks, panels and even logs. It covers facades, floors and ceiling. We even find it in unexpected places such as a bathroom floor. There is also a variety of wood essences, grains and colors. There are niches built-into the wood, and custom-made wooden furniture. From the outside we can see that the house is made up of various rectangular boxes, different in size, but all clad in wood. There seems to be no rule about the size and orientation of the wooden boards. The facades look like a large-scale wooden patchwork.


The long kitchen counter was built like a wooden Lego game, with different size wooden blocks that click into one another.


The walls and the ceilings are covered with big grain plywood panels. The same material is used for window shutters and cupboard doors.


The bathrooms create a very contemporary mix of concrete, glass, white ceramic, brass fixtures and, of course, wood.


A red board warning not to go into the woods is a humorous decorative presence in almost all rooms,as well as at the exterior entrance of the house.

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Posted on January 23, 2014 3:54 PM
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