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Ceiling Design Ideas To Instantly Upgrade Any Room

Most homeowners who take their time to decorate their homes, do not take a double look at their ceiling. For some reason, the ceiling tends to be left alone without much décor or its simply not talked about being decorated enough. If you are considering giving a room an instant upgrade, we got you covered! We have put together a guide to help you upgrade your ceiling with one of these charming ideas.

Hand Painted

If you do not want to display a wide array of art as part of your ceiling, consider using a multitude of colors displayed throughout the room.

Can anything get more personal than a hand painting? A hand painting is exactly what you need when you want to spruce up a room while still keeping its original aesthetics. Use light hues, or metallic bits to have a strong connection to the rest of the room. Add a sleek chandelier to not take away from your hand painting appeal.

High Gloss

To really have a glossy approach, contemplate using bold and daring colors. The brighter the color the more high-shine it will appear.

Not only do we love glossy walls, but we love a glossy ceiling as well. There is something quite modern and fun about having a ceiling that is reflective in its own manner. Use a dark high gloss paint to make the room have a contemporary yet edgy touch that beams throughout the room overall.

Cohesive Beams

Beams across your ceiling is an excellent form of bringing intricacy to the area without taking away from what you already have. If you want to create a rustic appeal, adding a thicker set of beams can be one way to achieve it.

Ceiling beams add an architectural twist that has a loft-like aesthetic. Furthermore, they add a cohesive approach that is never overwhelming to the room. Keep your décor light and airy to enhance the beams while giving them their very own sense of focal point and beauty.

Pops of Gold

For a more vintage approach consider a golden ceiling with brass undertones. The brass that peaks through will enhance the rooms warmer, eclectic vibe.

Gold adds drama to any room it is placed in. Keeping that theory in mind, we wanted to bring you an option that would make you have that strong gold appeal front center. In order to do just that, paint your ceiling a reflective gold and add darker hues such as navy, black or even plum to expand the room with an added edge that works beautifully against the rich gold ceiling.


When you go for such a bold element like florals it only makes sense that you keep the rest of your decor minimal and simplistic for a beautiful array of colors.

Intricate florals are one of the best ways to add a vintage, feminine touch to any room. It’s sort of that element that makes sense in a room while still having character and general appeal to what you already have as décor. Add other floral elements to the room for a cohesive approach, that makes the room feel whole with an intricate touch. Keep the rest of your décor simple to maximize the charm your ceiling gives off.

Neutral Accents

Just because its neutral does not mean it needs to be complicated or lackluster. Add a neutral ceiling that has a pattern for a unique and modern twist.

Neutrals might seem like the “traditional,” or the classic answer, however, when they have an intricate element intertwined with the neutral shade, your ceiling décor takes on new life. That is where a neural accents ceiling will come in handy. Keep the entire room with the same color palette for a cohesive look. Furthermore, there is the element of having a well-rounded room that is elegant and sleek.

Polka Dots

Consider adding metallic polka dots for a unique touch that makes the room feel fresh and renewed while still having a stark focal point.

If you have been feeling that your room needs a bit of a playful twist, a polka dot ceiling is a way to go. You will have a quirky tone to your décor while still being fun and even flirty. Add colorful elements to the room for a continued enchanting approach that flows throughout the room.


When going for such a bold element contemplate keeping the rest of your simple and even a bit minimal for the best contrast.

A geometric pattern is quite the bold, statement in a room. It’s a commanding pattern that makes any room come back to life without much décor or additional pieces. Think of it as one of those fixtures that have a daring effect in matter what color is used to display it. Adding a geometric pattern is excellent for bringing beauty to the space with an overall appeal.


Take your blue ceiling to the next level by having a glossy finish to it. The glossy factor will brighten the room, even if your ceilings are dark.

When you are seeking to create a colorful touch, a blue hue is always a good idea. We recommend a lighter hue when you want a minimal décor and darker colors for those times you are seeking products with an edge. Keep that in mind, when you are selecting what colors you would like your ceiling to be.

Chandelier Opening

Having a specific space for your chandelier is one of the best ways to create a focal point around it.

Even though having a huge statement as part of your ceiling is something new and innovative, having a chandelier added is a must. You want to have a chandelier opening to ensure your light fixture is displayed in the best form possible. Your chandelier should be bold and daring to make the room come back to life. Allow your ceiling to make the daring statement it needs with one of these ideas.

Are you a fan of having a unique ceiling? If so, share with us below.


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