Puerto Rico Architecture - Authentic Remake of a Modern Puerto Rican Residence

This awesome modern architecture designed by Carlos Delpin and his wife, Eneida Nunez, has been likened to living “with a light show.” Inside Casa Delpin, located in San Juan, Puerto Rico, light and water come together to create a truly unique residence. Originally constructed in the 1940s, this now contemporary home underwent a transformation that opened up interiors into large entertaining areas. But some things the couple couldn’t change – namely the 12-ft. ceilings and the original Spanish-influenced tiles, which maintain a sense of authenticity in the newly redesigned space. A trio of cylindrical skylights project down into the living room, two tilting eastward toward the rising run, and the third pointing westward to welcome saturated sunset hues. Ceiling panels with slits allow sunlight to permeate into the living room, and dance on surface of the indoor pool. Carlos Delpin
via Dwell via Space Invading
photo credit: Raimund Koch









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Posted on May 21, 2009 12:35 PM


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