Mahogany Home in Taiwan - designed for winds to blow through it...

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Architect Marco Casagrande has long been known to push the limits from his early art installations to his provocative, artful architecture a decade later. Completed in 2008 with architect Frank Chen, Chen House is a unique home in Sanjhih, Taipei County of Taiwan. Set on a cherry farm, this open-design home was created to withstand the oft-harsh and unpredictable winds, water and heat. Constructed of concrete and mahogany, this well-planned structure sits slightly above the land, allowing flood waters to flow beneath it, leaving it unscathed. Air too shall pass – the seemly haphazard placement of wood panels allows wind to blow through the home, cooling it down during the heat of the day. Light filters into the house through its barely-there walls, illuminating simple yet stylish interiors. Inside, a thoughtful layout does much more than provide places for eating, bathing and sleeping. “The smaller bathroom and kitchen unit acts as a kicker stabilizing the wooden structure during the frequent typhoons and earthquakes.” Now there’s a house that was built to last! Marco Casagrande and Frank Chen
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Posted on May 14, 2009 9:41 PM
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